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a complex system with structures and functions detailed, linked together to be continuously influenced

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Territory, in geographical terms, indicates the portion of space that is identified for its physical particularities as well as its specific forms, including the different biological, geological and hydrographic elements.
The different qualities of anthropization (human groups, urban settlements and / or housing in general) m
ust also be understood as territory, where the same term is however linked to a decidedly broader meaning and also used in relation to disciplines or areas that are not strictly geographic, such as the political or social control of a given land space.

To date, the term territory, in addition to connoting jurisdictional elements (territory of the State, territory of belonging, etc.) is at the center of numerous debates and reconsiderations, as it is increasingly considered in relation to human settlements, therefore to the multiform concept of territorialization . The latter, briefly indicates the process of human action on a given territory which, starting from a hypothetical time 0, proceeds through the constant evolution and change of the human group that from time to time settles there, perpetrating changes of different levels that they will then constitute its actual and peculiar characteristics.

Starting from these concepts, FCO wants to launch a marketing platform for brands territorial activities.



Morphology is the study of the shape of the territory.

If you look at the landscape from an airplane or from a place in the mountains, you easily realize that the territory is not all the same: there are very prominent areas (mountains), less high areas (hills) and flat areas (plains).
From above you can also see, if there are any, the course of a river, with its curves (loops), a lake and its shape or, if you are winning at the sea, the shape of the coasts, or of the lands that are wet from the sea.

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